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Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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If you are searching for the "best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3" then you have came to right place. Samsung Galaxy note 3 is the best android device ever. It has very fast process and big HD display. Its processor is so fast, So don't worry to download and play any games on Samsung galaxy note 3. After so many researches i have found some of the best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

I have a list of so many apps which can go into a top list, But i listed only some of the apps category vise so you don't need to worry. Everybody has different interest, some one likes to play games, some one likes to draw pictures and some one likes to  edit videos and photos. That's why i listed apps from every category in the list of best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

1. Magisto Video Editor and Maker

Magisto video editor and maker allows you to make movies using your video clips and photos. You can make your own movie in just a few clicks. You don't need to be a master in video editing, it will automatically do for you. You can choose any videos or any photo and this magisto video editor will do the rest.

You can add your own sound in movies, Just choose it from your device. By using this editor you can give graphical effects to your movies. Its best part is that, It is available for free to download from Google play store. After making movie, you can easily share it on YouTube, social media and even on whatsapp. You can make your full album movie for your girlfriend with romantic music, It will definitely surprise her. Just kidding! This app is featured in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

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2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the award winning racing game. It is very interesting game to play on your Samsung galaxy note 3. Because Samsung galaxy note 3 has large hd display and 3GB of ram which is great to play games like this. This game has  high definition visuals, So before going to play this game please free up some memory on your device.

You can enjoy real cars in this game like Ferrari, porch, Audi, BMW and other cool cars. You can also customize that cars. By having so many great levels it is becoming most popular game ever. It has so many races to play, like cup race and drag race. Download it on your Samsung note 3 and explore the new gaming experience. Because of these features this game is listed in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

3.SketchBook Pro

This is app is definitely made for painters. Because you cant even think how smooth this app works. Everyone draws a painting and everyone likes it, We know, how we paint on canvas papers with colors and pencils. But in this modern world we don't need any of this, we can use just this app to draw great paintings.

We can use our fingers or pen to draw in this app. We can use full screen mode to draw painting without any disturbance. It is full multitouch app. You can draw in multiple layers then you can combine them into one. You can share these paintings on social media easily. So this is listed in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

4.MyScript Calculator

As we all know calculators are very useful but what will happen, if this will also go so easy. That means, we have to enter number in calculator to calculate. But in this app we don't have to use any boring keyboard to write numbers and formulas. Its very easy app, just enter numbers and expression on the screen and let the app work to find its answers.

Lets see how this myscript calculator works?When we enter something on screen this app will match it with digital symbols and numbers and convert it, then calculate the equation like normal calculator and gives the answer. Scratch out the numbers and symbols to delete the formula from the screen. You can use your fingers or pen to write arithmetic formulas on this app. It has also undo and redo option if anything goes wrong. Because of its awesome features this app is listed in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

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5.Apex Launcher

You have Got big android device with big hd screen, then why you don't use any launcher to make it more beautiful. Apex launcher is highly recommended by android lovers, it is featured in so many magazines and websites as the best launcher. Make your home screen and theme more beautiful with this launcher. Customize your home screen, icons, fonts and dock very easily with this launcher.

There are so many themes and lock screens available for apex launcher. Make you Samsung galaxy note 3 more beautiful. Other launcher are so slow but this launcher is smooth as butter. So download it on your device instantly because this is highly recommended. That's why this app was featured in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

So these are the some of the best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3. I know some of the other apps which are also good. Here is the list of some other cool apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

  • MX Player
  • Smart Connect
  • GTasks
  • Maze Racer
  • Map Note
So download these apps on your Samsung galaxy note 3 and enjoy every single moment with your mobile. If you know any other cool apps then please let me know and comment below. You like this best apps for samsung galaxy note 3? Then whats so hurry to close the windows share this article with your friends.
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