Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How To Make Windows 7 Genuine Free

Want to make windows 7 Genuine? then you have came to the right place. Here I am going to tell you how to make windows 7 genuine using command prompt and remove WAT utility. Windows 7 is the most popular operating system all over the computers. Windows 7 is not free product, We have to buy it from its commercial site but everybody were not able to pay for that. You can download windows 7 then use this trick to make it genuine.

how to make windows 7 genuine using command prompt for free

All over the world everyone uses pirated copies of windows 7 and other software's. But they comes with trial period and you will have to activate that product after some time. So some developers made crackers and activators to crack that program for free. Its illegal to use pirates software's on computers. I am not forcing you to use this trick because its only for educational purpose. Do it at your own risk.

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If you have installed windows 7 on your PC but that is not genuine then you will get error after some time like this "Windows 7 is not genuine". If your windows 7 is not genuine then you can't change wallpaper of your desktop or any control panel settings. So here is the steps by step guide to make windows 7 genuine.

Before going to make windows 7 genuine follow these steps :

1. Turn of automatic updates from control panel. Because when your windows 7 will try to get updates from windows servers then windows servers will find that you are using pirated version. If you don't know then here are the steps to turn of automatic updates.

2. Go to Control panel from your start menu. You will find option like " Windows updates" in the last. Just click on it to open.

3. In the left side you can see change settings option, click on it to open update control center.

solve windows 7 genuine error using command prompt

4. In important updates just click on down arrow to explore the menu. Select the option called " Never check for updates" and click on OK. Its done, Now your computers automatic updates are off. But you can turn it on after making windows 7 genuine.

How to solve windows 7 genuine error

Method 1 : How To Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Command Prompt

1. This is the easiest method to make windows 7 genuine with just few clicks. Everybody knows about command prompt (cmd), If you don't then don't worry just follow these simple steps.

2. Go to start menu - Type cmd in search box - right click on cmd and run it as administrator. Note that if you don't run cmd as administrator then this trick will not going to work. Because other users are not able to edit in system files, Only administrator can make changes in system files.

3. Now Command prompt is opened on your desktop then what are you waiting for? Just type this command "SLMGR -REARM" without quotes and press enter to execute it.

how to make windows 7 genuine using command prompt

4. After few seconds cmd will pop up a window saying a message "command successfully completed". To make changes you have to restart your computer. After restarting the computer your windows 7 will be genuine and now you are able to change wallpaper and control panel settings.

Mehtod 2 : How To Make Windows 7 Genuine Using Remove WAT Utility

1. First Download Remove WAT Utility. Its free tool available to make windows 7 genuine in just few steps. This is also another best way to make windows 7 genuine.

2. Now open that zip folder and extract on your computer. Open that folder and run Remove Wat Utility as administrator.

3. Now click on remove WAT.

4. Select OK to make changes and restart your computer.
You are Done!

So these are the two ways to make windows 7 genuine. If you are facing some problems on How to make windows windows 7 genuine then please comment below. Want to share this windows 7 genuine trick with your friends? Then take just few seconds to share this post.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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If you are searching for the "best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3" then you have came to right place. Samsung Galaxy note 3 is the best android device ever. It has very fast process and big HD display. Its processor is so fast, So don't worry to download and play any games on Samsung galaxy note 3. After so many researches i have found some of the best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

I have a list of so many apps which can go into a top list, But i listed only some of the apps category vise so you don't need to worry. Everybody has different interest, some one likes to play games, some one likes to draw pictures and some one likes to  edit videos and photos. That's why i listed apps from every category in the list of best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3

1. Magisto Video Editor and Maker

Magisto video editor and maker allows you to make movies using your video clips and photos. You can make your own movie in just a few clicks. You don't need to be a master in video editing, it will automatically do for you. You can choose any videos or any photo and this magisto video editor will do the rest.

You can add your own sound in movies, Just choose it from your device. By using this editor you can give graphical effects to your movies. Its best part is that, It is available for free to download from Google play store. After making movie, you can easily share it on YouTube, social media and even on whatsapp. You can make your full album movie for your girlfriend with romantic music, It will definitely surprise her. Just kidding! This app is featured in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

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2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is the award winning racing game. It is very interesting game to play on your Samsung galaxy note 3. Because Samsung galaxy note 3 has large hd display and 3GB of ram which is great to play games like this. This game has  high definition visuals, So before going to play this game please free up some memory on your device.

You can enjoy real cars in this game like Ferrari, porch, Audi, BMW and other cool cars. You can also customize that cars. By having so many great levels it is becoming most popular game ever. It has so many races to play, like cup race and drag race. Download it on your Samsung note 3 and explore the new gaming experience. Because of these features this game is listed in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

3.SketchBook Pro

This is app is definitely made for painters. Because you cant even think how smooth this app works. Everyone draws a painting and everyone likes it, We know, how we paint on canvas papers with colors and pencils. But in this modern world we don't need any of this, we can use just this app to draw great paintings.

We can use our fingers or pen to draw in this app. We can use full screen mode to draw painting without any disturbance. It is full multitouch app. You can draw in multiple layers then you can combine them into one. You can share these paintings on social media easily. So this is listed in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

4.MyScript Calculator

As we all know calculators are very useful but what will happen, if this will also go so easy. That means, we have to enter number in calculator to calculate. But in this app we don't have to use any boring keyboard to write numbers and formulas. Its very easy app, just enter numbers and expression on the screen and let the app work to find its answers.

Lets see how this myscript calculator works?When we enter something on screen this app will match it with digital symbols and numbers and convert it, then calculate the equation like normal calculator and gives the answer. Scratch out the numbers and symbols to delete the formula from the screen. You can use your fingers or pen to write arithmetic formulas on this app. It has also undo and redo option if anything goes wrong. Because of its awesome features this app is listed in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

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5.Apex Launcher

You have Got big android device with big hd screen, then why you don't use any launcher to make it more beautiful. Apex launcher is highly recommended by android lovers, it is featured in so many magazines and websites as the best launcher. Make your home screen and theme more beautiful with this launcher. Customize your home screen, icons, fonts and dock very easily with this launcher.

There are so many themes and lock screens available for apex launcher. Make you Samsung galaxy note 3 more beautiful. Other launcher are so slow but this launcher is smooth as butter. So download it on your device instantly because this is highly recommended. That's why this app was featured in best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

So these are the some of the best apps for Samsung galaxy note 3. I know some of the other apps which are also good. Here is the list of some other cool apps for Samsung galaxy note 3.

  • MX Player
  • Smart Connect
  • GTasks
  • Maze Racer
  • Map Note
So download these apps on your Samsung galaxy note 3 and enjoy every single moment with your mobile. If you know any other cool apps then please let me know and comment below. You like this best apps for samsung galaxy note 3? Then whats so hurry to close the windows share this article with your friends.
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Saturday, 17 May 2014

How to Download Pictures From Facebook

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Want to download pictures from Facebook? Then you have came to the right place, Here you will learn easy steps to download photos from Facebook to your PC. You can download Facebook photos manually but you were only able to download one picture at a time. But with using this tool you can download full photo albums. Also Facebook don't allow to download videos from it but you can actually do it.

There are lots of software's and browser extensions are available to download Facebook pictures, But in this tutorial I will show you how to download pictures from Facebook using pickNZip downloader tool. This is simple and very easy tool to download photos and videos from Facebook.

Why to use PickNZip to download pictures from Facebook?
  • Its very simple and easy to use free tool.
  • You can download videos and pictures.
  • You can download your photos and also friends photos.
  • You can also download groups photos and videos with single click.
  • It also allows us to download pictures and videos from Facebook pages.

Tutorial - How to Download Pictures from Facebook

1. PickNZip is the best tool to download pictures from Facebook very easily. It also allows you to download videos from Facebook. For that, First you have to go to the its website called PickNzip.

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2. Just go to there and sign in. I will show you how you can sign in there very easily. You don't have to create any new account for that, You can sign in into PickNzip via Facebook. Just click on sign in button and it will redirect you to Facebook sign in page. Enter your Facebook ID and password.

3. Wait for few seconds and it will redirect to the permission page. That means it will ask you to grant access into your Facebook account, click on okay. Don't worry it will not post anything on Facebook without your permission. Now this tool will load, It will take some time to load depending on your internet connection speed. After loading you will see something like this.

how to download pictures from facebook

4. Now you can see some of the option of this tool. In the top left side there are options. These all the options are same. Let me show you brief about one option.

Friends - When you click on that option, It will show you list of the your Friends list. Select the friend and it will show you their pictures in the right side box. After that you can select their groups, albums and videos. If you have have any doubt please see the above image.

5. By using this tool you can download friends photos, groups photos and also pages pictures. Now i will show you how to download our pictures and videos. In the bottom left side you can see green button named "FIND MY PHOTOS & VIDEOS", Just click on it to see your pictures and videos.

6. You can select single picture or multiple pictures for download. Now lets see how to download pictures from Facebook. Move a cursor to the picture or video you want to download and some option option will pop up on that image like this.

download facebook photos and videos

7. Just clik on down arrow to download pictures from Facebook. Select the format of the picture you want to download from Facebook. After selecting the image, It will load and fetch the image from Facebook and then just click on save to download picture.

8. If you want to download videos from Facebook then simply follow above steps.

There are so many ways to download pictures from Facebook but this is the easiest way i ever know. There are also other software's available to download images from Facebook like Photo grabber and Fluchipranie. I also know some of browser extensions to download photos but i am not going to tell you about that right now, But i am definitely going to write article about " Best browser extensions to download pictures from Facebook".

So this is the trick to download pictures from Facebook. If you like this article, Please take just few seconds to share this. If you are facing any problem with this or you know any other trick to download pictures from Facebook then please comment below.
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Friday, 9 May 2014

Download Whatsapp For PC | Windows 7,8,XP,Vista

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Would you ever think that you can download whatsapp for PC. Yes of course you can run whatsapp on PC. Its very easy to install whatsapp using android emulators. Just read this full article to learn about how to download whatsapp for PC.

Now a days whatsapp is the best chatting app on mobile devices. It is available for most famous devices like Android, iOS and Windows. You can download it from app store and Google play store. You can also download .apk file from out side source and after that you can install it on your mobile. You can run only android apps on PC because there are only android emulators out there to run android apps. You cannot run any other iOS apps or windows app on that.

Whatsapp is the free messaging app to chat with friends and family. You can send audio, video and images on whatsapp. It allows you to chat with persons which are available in your phone's contacts. It only uses data or WiFi connections of the device. You can also set up your profile in whatsapp. You can upload your picture, status and name in profile. You can make groups with your friends for chatting.

There are so many software's available to run android apps on PC and these software's called android emulators. These emulators allows you to play and run android apps on PC. Below are the some of the best emulators to install and download whatsapp for pc.

Best Android Emulators to Download Whatsapp for PC

  • Youwave - Its not free but the best emulator.
  • Bluestacks - This software is available for free to download whatsapp for pc.
  • Native Android Emulator
  • GenyMotion
  • Jar of Beans - Another software to download whatsapp for pc.

But in this article you will learn two methods to download whatsapp on PC. Youwave is the best and it comes with 30 days trial period. Now just follow the below tutorials to download whatsapp for PC.

Method 1 : Download Whatsapp for PC Using Youwave

Now first you have to download youwave from its official site then just follow these steps to download whatsapp for pc and learn to play whatsapp on pc.

Step 1 :  Download youwave from its official site. And install it to your computer. Open the folder where you have downloaded package and extract it. Click on setup to install it on your computer.

Step 2 : Now you have to download whatsapp for android from its site. Make sure to download whatsapp for android version. You can also download whatsapp.apk from other sources. If you want to download it from google play store then open youwave and find the playstore, then search for whatsapp and download it. If you can't find playstore then you also have to install playstore in youwave. Just forget about this and download .apk files from other sources.

Step 3 : Open youwave and go to files and select "path to apps" option. Now you have to select the path where you have downloaded whatsapp.apk and select ok.

Step 4 : After doing steps Step 3 you will see whatsapp in left sidebar. Hang on, it is not installed, Double tap on it to install it on youwave. Now open youwave and search for whatsapp and open it.

Step 5 : Click on "agree and continue". You will be asked to enter mobile number just enter and wait for the verification code. Enter that verification code and go ahead.

Step 6 : Now setup your name and profile picture in the setting tab. You have to add contacts of your friends in youwave for that, Go to home page and search for the contacts to add contacts. You can also set your status in whatsapp. Enjoy the whatsapp on PC.

Now we will learn how to download whatsapp for PC using Bluestack.

Method 2 : Download whatsapp for PC using Bluestack

Step 1 : Bluestack is the another great android emulator to download whatsapp for PC. It's very simple and free emulator to run android apps on PC. It is same as youwave.

Step 2 : Download bluestack and install it to your computer. Now You have to download whatsapp.apk file from outside sources.

Step 3 : Now open bluestack and open whatsapp.apk file and install it on bluestack. Open the app and complete the verification process as i show you in above method.

We hope this tutorial will help you to download whatsapp for PC. So these are the some of the best tricks to download and install whatsapp for pc. If you have any problems related this article please comment below. Please share this article on social media to spread the word.
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